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Freedom, freedom, freedom … from work, from rain, from your everyday routine, that’s what holidays are all about. 

Renting a villa means that you are also free of the rules and regulations which can sometimes be such a drag when you’re on holiday.  You can enjoy all the pleasures of living in the sun without any of the responsibilities … you can do exactly what you want (well, within reason!), how you want, when you want without the restrictions of dining times, no fellow holidaymakers to consider; no early morning wake-up calls from the next room or the corridor outside. 

In our villas you can cook what you want when you want (if you have the energy) or roll back from the nearest taverna at whatever time you please without having to wake the night receptionist to ask for your room key.  You can wash your clothes and beach towels instead of having to lug back cases full of dirty laundry!  And although you have all the peace and quiet you could ask for, booking with us means that you do always have someone to talk to in the unlikely event that there should be a problem, a query or something you need some help with.

Our villas are very different from the accommodation you will find in the Rhodes section of most holiday brochures.  We believe that each of our customers is an individual and will be making decisions about their holiday using their own individual criteria.  We have selected our villas one by one and each of them has a unique quality that we feel makes it special.  It could be the breathtaking view, the private infinity pool, the garden and its barbecue area or the beach on its doorstep.  Each villa is unique because each of our clients is unique.   We have super luxurious villas, cosy homely villas, beachfront villas, villas in the heart of villages … take your pick!

Each member of our staff lives on the island all year round and is familiar with all our properties.  This means that they will be able to answer pretty much any question you may have about each of our villas.  If you have young children or any special requirements then just tell us and we can help you find the accommodation which is ideal for you.

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We pay careful attention to each and every customer to understand what they are looking for and what they need, this way the customer is free to personalize their own holiday.That’s why we have applied various concierge services for every villa.

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